AICTE Offers 1500 IT Courses For Free


AICTE Offers 1500 IT Courses for Free to its students with the help of Microsoft. All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) has signed a deal with Microsoft. It helps the youth in modern-day technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Data Science and Cloud Computing.

Benefits the poor students….

AICTE will offer IT courses through the e-learning portal for free. These courses are not available for thousands of rupees. However. The poor students will get benefits from these free courses.

AICTE will offer 1500 expensive IT courses for free through this agreement that made with Microsoft.

In addition, online learning methods and materials also provided to its faculty through the Microsoft’s platform.

Helpful for faculty also…..

Moreover, apart from students, the interested faculty also has the opportunity to study these courses for their professional development.

These useful courses will indeed help the students to develop their skills. In addition, it helps them to avoid losing their chances in the future due to covid-19. Students can acquire the skills that required for the current twin, especially in place of traditional courses.

Why do students need to learn Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cloud Computing and Modern-day Technologies?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has touched the every part of our society. It showed how important it is in human lives today. It influenced human lives and society much.

We tremendously generate data every day. Machine Learning is an important technology that helps to analyze large amount of data that we generate.

Most importantly, it is essential to have some knowledge to keep ourselves safe from the excessive influences and fraud.

The Data Analytics is the way of the future. Hence, everybody should learn Data Analytics during their studies.

In truth, Organizations, Industries and Financial services, etc. require Data Science, Cloud Computing, and Modern-day technologies. Simultaneously, these are creating a number of jobs in the respective fields.

Apps designing and Artificial Intelligence will help the students to earn.

The Young students over 18 years not only study these courses for free, but also provided an opportunity to earn.

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By designing new apps and artificial intelligence, students can earn their revenue. For this, students can make use of Microsoft’s ‘Azure,’ and cloud platform for their new innovations.

Specially, Microsoft will provide the next generation technologies to the students through webinars.

Eventually, this e-learning Portal is very beneficial for those who are not able to receive knowledge of computer courses. Microsoft will offer them free certificate courses in technical courses too.

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